Graphic Image: Why Your Website Matters

I’ve heard on more than one occasion from entrepreneurs that their websites don’t really matter. Friend, they do. Your website is often the first (or sometimes the only) impression of your business.

Usually, when I hear this it’s followed up by one of three comments. First, “our business is done in person, why would we need a website?” Second, “we have a Facebook page, isn’t that enough?” And third, “we had someone build a site for us. We don’t like it, but we don’t know how to change it.”

If any of these comments sound familiar to you, you’re probably also struggling with why your website matters. “Can we just get by with what we have?” Sure, but is that really the impression you want potential customers to hae?

Your Website Sets the Online “Tone” for Your Brand

When your website is hard to navigate, out-of-date or just plain old boring… it’s not a good experience for your website visitors and it reflects poorly on your brand that you’ve worked hard to build. I also know that website design can be really intimidating and time consuming. A lot of business owners don’t think they have time to learn to customize or maintain their website… but I think it’s one of the best things you can do for your business.

Growing up in agriculture on my family’s cattle ranch (we raise Black Angus with a little bit of Simmental) in far Northern California has given me a love for both business and ag. It’s also taught me the importance and value of doing things well, working hard and being creative. As a web designer, I’ve built countless websites for my many businesses and for clients. One of the most important things I’ve learned about websites…  they can make or break whether you even get the opportunity to serve a potential customer.

If you think of your website as setting the online “tone” for your brand, it suddenly starts to matter a lot more to you. It’s a reflection of your in person business.

Your Website is an Asset

Does your website ever feel like a burden? You’re not alone. Lots of small business owners feel this way. This can be especially true if your operation feels far removed from the digital world. If you’re a farmer, rancher or rural small town entrepreneur you might find yourself wondering why you need a website at all?

For years, lots of rural and ag businesses have gotten by just fine without a website, or without a good website. But as the world has become more connected digitally, even cowboys are finding that having an online presence is important.

It’s time to adjust your thinking and instead of thinking of your website as a burden, to consider it an asset in your business.

You Can’t Serve Your Customer 24/7

It might feel like you work 24/7. It’s actually pretty likely that you do work 365 days a year. When you live a rural lifestyle and have a farm or ranch there aren’t “days off,” unless of course you actually get away from the farm or ranch for a day or two.

Even when you do work every day of the year, you still can’t serve your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes you have to rest. But your website, it doesn’t. It can answer questions, sell products and connect you with customers that had no idea you existed until your website was returned in a search result.

Your website is an asset for your small business. It’s an employee that never takes a vacation. It’s a tractor that never breaks down. You can learn to develop it into a strong tool for your small business… and you can control it… which is not true of social media.

Why Your Website Matters to Your Small Rural Business


February 16, 2021

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