Melissa Pepin of @lifewithmelissapepin and creator of the When in Golden presets

Happy March 3rd friends!

Today I want to share with you a little about my friend Melissa. Melissa is a dear friend of mine from Georgia. We met many years ago at a Christian Women’s conference. We connected over our love of Jesus, Chick-fil-A & photography.

Today is a big day for Melissa, because she launched her own set of mobile Lightroom presets. Melissa was a professional photographer for years and she understands lighting and how to edit photos. Which is just one of the reasons why I am so excited to have her presets loaded into my phone to jazz up my photos from the ranch!

This side-by-side shows the picture straight out of camera on the left with no editing and the image on the right is what it looked like after applying one of Melissa’s presets! This particular preset is called Forsyth Park and it’s my favorite!!

Presets are a great tool for applying quick edits to the photos you take with your mobile phone. Melissa’s presets are called When in Golden and they’re available now on her website (which YES, it’s a Showit site) at

Melissa also went the extra mile when designing her preset bundle (of 10 different presets) and she included super easy-to-follow instructions right on the preset images!!

So here’s to Melissa for pushing herself and her business in new directions and sharing her love and photography gifts with all of us so we can have beautiful photos!

Women in Business Highlight: Melissa Pepin

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