Elizabeth Langford owner of britelime Creative on her ranch holding her favorite chicken
It’s been almost four years since I posted to my personal Instagram account, @elizabethlangford. Why so long? I really felt The Lord calling me to a season of quiet. To a time of listening instead of working to be heard. And it has been so so good for me. What started as taking a week off from social media, turned into two weeks, then a month, then six months and eventually 1,428 days (I googled it).
In the past four years I: read through the entire Bible in 14 months, moved down the road from my parents, got mountain goats (Lily’s 4-H project), actually took a vacation with my family (Maui 2019), learned to make sourdough bread from scratch (hello 2020), learned to drive the feed truck without knocking anyone off and jumped back into entrepreneurship by starting my own small business, britelime Creative.
Those things didn’t happen because I wasn’t on social media, but not being on social media changed my perspective on all of them. It didn’t matter that no one else knew, saw or cheered what I was up to – but all those things, no matter how big or how small have made a significant impact on my life.
I’d love to get back to posting on my personal account and hopefully I will, but #allthethings could get in the way.
Remember friends: just because no one knows it, sees it or comments on it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. God sees it all. He knows your heart. He cheers you on. The choices you make. The way you treat others. The priorities in your life. They matter. They matter to Him. At the end of the day, you have an audience of One. Now go make your Father proud.

Why I Took Such a Long Break from Instagram