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What’s In This Episode of the Website Wednesday Podcast?

Neglecting your website is a bad choice for your small business. Your website can be a strong tool in building and growing your small business – so you never want to put it out to pasture.

You wouldn’t do it to your favorite horse, you wouldn’t do it to any horse. You’d never put a horse out to pasture and never check on it again, you shouldn’t do that with your website either. 

In this episode, host Liz Langford-Cobo of will share the importance of maintaining an active website for your small business. Liz will also share about a couple of digital tools you can use for free to test the health of your website.

Key Takeaways

#1. Don’t neglect your small business website

#2. Use website tools like UbberSuggest and Google Search Console to keep an eye on your website pages

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Episode Original Publish Date

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Episode Transcript

In this episode, we’re talking about why you should never put your website out to pasture.

Welcome to the Website Wednesday podcast. I’m your host, Liz Langford-Cobo of britelime Creative. I’m a web site template designer and coach focused on teaching farmers, ranchers and rural entrepreneurs, how to build better websites for their small businesses. Every day, you work hard and your small business, your website should work hard to in each 15 Minutes or less episode, I’ll teach you a tip, trick or element of website design, management or growth. So whether you’re on the tractor, fixing fence, or folding laundry, this episode is designed to help you make your small business website better. Let’s get to it friend.

You wouldn’t do it with your favorite horse, you wouldn’t do it with any horse, you wouldn’t just put a horse out to pasture – even if it’s a hit retirement age and never check on it again, you would check to make sure that the horse is sound that their feet are good, that they’ve got plenty of food, plenty of fresh water, and that the fences are strong, you need to do the same thing with your small business website, you need to check on it on a regular basis to make sure that those fences are strong and everything is working properly. I like to use the horse out to pasture analogy when it comes to your website. Because it’s easy to think that your website is more like a billboard and isn’t alive like the horse. But your website should be sort of a living, breathing asset in your rural small business.

If you are not checking on your website on a regular basis, there may be problems that you have no idea that are going on, and that are affecting your ability to convert visitors in to paying customers. It’s especially important if you are using any type of dynamic content, so integrated content on your website that’s pulling from another platform from another source. So if you are using say for example, it dynamic Instagram integration where your website is featuring your Instagram feed on the site, you need to make sure that you’re checking that site on a regular basis, because something could change over on the Instagram side that actually affects your website, leaving that link or that integration to be broken. This is also true of hyperlinks, whether you are linking within your own site or out to another site, you want to make sure that those hyperlinks are always functional. Now, you’re not going to be able to go through every single page of your site testing every hyperlink. And you don’t have to, there are tools that you can use resources that you can use in order to test those links and find out if you have broken links on your site.

And you want to do this on a regular basis, you want to make this one of the regular tasks that you perform in your small business, so that you’re sure that your website is always functioning at its highest and best level when your website isn’t functioning, when links are broken, you are going to affect the trust and the perception that visitors have of your small business. And so you don’t want to do anything up front that’s going to break that trust, right, you want to create and maintain that trust. And you do that through a strong website where everything works and functions.

Well. I mentioned earlier that there are tools you can use to check to see if you have broken links on your site. One of my favorite tools is called Uber Suggest it is from an SEO expert named Neil Patel. And Neil has a SEO agency. But he also has a tool called Uber Suggest now Uber Suggest will allow you to use it several times for free, but then wants you to upgrade and pay either a monthly or an annual fee. And because I do website design, it made a lot of sense for me to purchase Uber Suggest, but it might not make sense for you.

Yet, you may find that there are free tools out there that you can use until your site gets large enough that it maybe makes sense to pay for some additional tools. The tool that you can use for free right now is called Google Search Console. And this is actually a tool I think you should be using in your small business. It’s totally free to use, and you can set it up pretty easily. If you want to know more information about how to set up Google Search Console, you can actually go over to my blog forward slash Google Search Console, and you can find an entire article that will walk you through the process of setting up Google Search Console.

Like any tool, Google Search Console is only going to benefit you if you check it on a regular basis if you actually use the tool regularly to make sure that your website is functional. There’s lots of other reasons that you should set up Google Search Console for years. All business including knowing whether or not Google has indexed pages of your website, and we’re going to talk about that, in an upcoming episode of the Website Wednesday podcast will dig deeper into what Google Search Console is, and how you can use it for your small business.

Hey friend, do you remember back in the early days of your business when you were in love with the process of building that business, but over time, you’ve realized that you’re spending way more time working in your business than on it? That is a quick way to kill your love of small business entrepreneurship. If this is all sounding familiar, it might be time for reboot, a Business Reboot. The Business Reboot podcast is a weekly podcast focused on helping small business entrepreneurs fall back in love with their businesses. Every Wednesday, hosts Melissa and Corry have a new episode with topics ranging from how to price yourself for generosity to how to stop doing business in the DMS. And of course my favorite episode, When to Call it Quits – not necessarily on your business, but on the parts that aren’t working or aren’t working anymore. You can listen to the Business Reboot podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts, and it will help you to fall back in love with the business of your business.

Making sure that your website is fully functional isn’t just about making sure that the links are working and that the integrations are working. It’s also being sure that when visitors come to your website, they don’t have to think too hard. You need clear navigation to direct them where to go, clear call to actions to help them to know what to do next. And if you have an E commerce site, it’s especially important that you are checking to make sure that your E commerce integration is always functional. You never want a customer to get all the way to the point of buying something and then not be able to check out. So put it on your list as a weekly or a monthly reminder that you need to go and check to make sure that your website is fully functional, including and especially the E commerce portion of your site. To do this, you may need to set up inside of your E commerce platform.

Whether you’re using Shopify or thrive cart, you may need to be able to set up kind of a test scenario where you can actually go through the purchasing process. Or if you have someone a friend maybe that is about to purchase something from you make sure that you check in with them and ask them what their experience was like. If they have questions. Be sure that you get those questions answered on your website.

Are you ready to build a better homepage for your website? Check out my free on demand webinar Build a Better Homepage for your rural small business. In this free one hour webinar, I’ll teach you ways to create more engaging content for your homepage how to improve user experience and how to start converting your website visitors into paying customers. This webinar is video based but you can absolutely hit play, put it in the pocket of your overalls and get back to fixing fence the way my friend Nicole from Wilson Family Farms did. To watch the Build a Better Homepage webinar and find other resources to help you improve your small business website. Visit

I know it might feel like you work 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days a year and leap year in your small business. But the reality is even you need to take a break and take a rest sometimes, but your website doesn’t. It really is a tool that you can set up to work really hard for your small business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In an upcoming episode we’ll talk about how important and valuable having a great FAQ page or FAQ section in multiple places on your website can be for answering common questions that might be holding your website visitors back from making a purchase with you.

I hope I’ve convinced you that it is really important not to put your website out to pasture. You wouldn’t do it with your favorite horse. You wouldn’t do it with any horse. Don’t do it with your website.

Here are your action steps to take to make your small business website better. Number one, check your links. Either check each link by hand or use a tool like Uber Suggest or Google Search Console to check to make sure that every link on your website is working and functional.

Number two, check to make sure that your E commerce checkout is functional and working and easy to understand.

And number three check regularly every page of your site where you have a dynamic integration, like a social media feed being pulled into your site. You want to make sure that all of these elements are constantly functional and working at their highest level so that when visitors do come to your website, they have the best experience possible.

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That’s it for this episode of the Website Wednesday podcast. Remember, your website should work as hard as you do in your small business. For more tools, resources and to connect directly with me, visit and follow me on Instagram @britelimecreative. I know you can build a better website for your farm, ranch or rural small town business. All you need is a little help. See you next time friends

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Don’t Put Your Website Out to Pasture – Episode 002


October 9, 2022

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