Graphic image: There's always a backstory

This photo makes me laugh. Friends, I do not hang out in the barnyard in my favorite Ariat jeans, my Macbook Pro and clean hair!!

It’s a good reminder that behind the photos we see there’s always more to the story.

I love the barnyard. I love the days it’s my turn to be on the feed crew with my brother. But most days I spend the majority of my time behind my computer screen serving my clients, designing Showit website templates for farmers and ranchers and homeschooling my 11 year old.

Some days, by God’s grace, I #wintheday at all of it. Most days juggling becomes dropping and something doesn’t get the full attention it deserves… and by God’s grace and everyone else’s, those messy days work out okay too.

But I learned a long long time ago that balance in life and business is an illusion. Just like me standing in a barnyard with a laptop, clean clothes and styled hair. It just doesn’t happen.

So today my encouragement to you is to embrace what’s real, keep working hard and celebrate the wins – no matter how big or small.

Oh, and don’t take your laptop into the barnyard. Or at least, please don’t take mine.

There’s Always a Backstory


March 5, 2021

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