Graphic images: How to Create Visual Consistency on Your Website

How to Create Visual Consistency on Your Website

There are many ways to create visual consistency throughout your website. Whether you’re starting with a template, or building a site entirely from scratch, visual consistency helps to establish brand trust which down the road can lead to customer loyalty. The easiest way to create consistency is to resist the urge to just keep adding. […]


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Graphic image that reads: Quick tips to Improving Your SEO

Quick Tips to Improving Your Website’s SEO

A great resource for anyone wanting to understand Search Engine Optimization better is Google’s “How Google Search Works” page. It will literally walk you through step-by-step how Google Search Works and give you a better understanding of how people can find what they’re looking for.   A quick easy way to think of Search Engine […]


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Graphic image: Text reads " Templates and Grandma's Blackberry Pie"

Templates and Grandma’s Blackberry Pie

My grandmother made the most incredible blackberry pies. Just thinking about them make my mouth water. She was a wonderful baker and she knew that recipe backwards and forwards. But I don’t. I can taste the taste by just thinking about it, but I couldn’t write that recipe from memory if my life depended on […]



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