HOOYEE Extended Non-Slip Rubber Base 3mm Thick Soft Keyboard Gaming Mouse Pad Mat, Stitched Edges 31.5"x11.8"x0.12" (Black)

I generally consider myself a pretty low maintenance person… but every time I roll this mouse pad out when working at a client’s office, I realize I might be just a tad bit high maintenance. At least when it comes to my workspace.

Like a lot of people, I am a creature of habit. I work best when I have my “creature comforts” and this mouse pad always helps me to settle right in when I’m working out of my office.

It’s way too BIG for taking to Starbucks (31.5″ wide and almost 12″ tall), and I don’t use it if I’m just going to be working on my laptop. But it stays in my rolling iMac bag that I use to take my Apple Cinema Display with me when I got to work onsite at a client’s location.

This mouse pad is large enough for my mouse, my keyboard and has lots of space left over for setting my coffee down, my favorite Felix Gray blue light blocking glasses and my iPhone.

With this mouse pad you’ll never worry about running out of space for your mouse. It’s perfect for website and graphic designers and it’s at such an affordable price point, it’s kind of a no brainer.

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