Extra large double-sided desk mat from Amazon.

While I don’t always keep my desk (or my office for that matter) as tidy as I would like, I do like my office set up to be a certain way. I built my desk out of butcher block and steel pipe because I wanted a standing desk that was just right for my slightly under 5’1″ stature. I found my favorite drafting chair that is super comfy and a great chair for when I need a standing break. And I found this mouse pad that in reality is really probably more of a desk mat due to it’s size.

I picked this up from Amazon for just under $15. Here’s the link:

BUBM PU Leather Double Sided Desk Pad Computer Mat Desk Writing Mat for Office and Home,Ultra Thin 2mm – 31.5″x15.8″ (Black)

It’s 31.5″ wide x 15.8″ tall and friends… I really love it. It’s not a portable option though… if you need something you can roll up and take with you, you might want to consider a more portable option like this extra large fabric mouse pad.

This one though is my absolute favorite for a more permanent desktop situation. So much so that we have four of them in my office. One in front of each work station. Two of the work stations are mine, one is my daughter’s homeschool desk/work station and the other one… honestly, it’s where my hair dryer and curling are.

Speaking of curling irons… I set my curling iron down on one of these and forget to put the little metal foot prop up. While it did melt the desk pad a bit, there was no damage to the butcher block desk underneath. I don’t recommend using it that way…. just a heads up that it didn’t light on fire. And the best part.. I just flipped it over because this desk mat is doubled-sided!!

My Favorite Office Desk Mat

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