Did you know that there is an ideal height for your computer monitor to be at? There is. It’s based on your height and whether you sit or stand and there’s lots of ergonomic research out there to support what most of us already know is true thanks to our mothers… slouching is bad for you!

I try to stand as much as possible when I work. I do have a drafting chair that I can sit in at my standing desk I built out of butcher block and steel pipe… but as much as possible I stand.

And even though I’m short, that desk top is still too low for me to just plunk my iMac down on. That’s why I searched high and low and went through quite a few options before I found my absolute favorite computer riser.

I live in a pretty rural area and I do as much of my shopping locally as possible… but I also do a lot of online Amazon shopping because in a lot of cases for items (like office supplies), it’s my only option.

Here’s a link to check it out on Amazon:

Monitor Riser Stand Desk Shelf – with Drawer Keyboard Storage Stylish White 22″ x 10.6″ x 4.7″

After trying several others over the years, I was so excited when I finally plunked down the 45-ish dollars for this one. I’ve actually bought four of them over the past two years and I can tell you each one arrived in great condition and functions just like it’s supposed to.

One of my favorite features are the two drawers on the front. Perfect for keeping small items. I also really like the indents on the top that are great for holding chapstick, airpods, pens and doodads. I’ve never actually used the circle cut out for a cup or bottle because the cup or bottle would block my view of my screen.

I also really like that I can tuck items underneath. There’s just shy of 2″ of space under the drawers. I usually tuck my calculator under there and sometimes a notebook or two that I want within reach but not out cluttering my desktop… which you can see by the picture is pretty cluttered!

I’ve only ever ordered it in white, but it’s actually available in other colors too!

If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy riser that will easily hold your 27″ iMac or Apple Cinema Display… this one is a solid option.

My Favorite Computer Riser

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