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Are you wondering how to embed a Flodesk form into Showit? Maybe you’ve tried copying and pasting the code but it’s just not working. Don’t worry! It’s absolutely possible to embed a Flodesk form into your Showit website! It just requires taking a few extra steps inside of Flodesk.

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Embed a Flodesk Form into Showit

To embed a Flodesk form into Showit, you’ll need to create and style your form inside of Flodesk. After you’re done customizing your Flodesk form, and you’ve advanced to the Embed section, you’ll need to select the Advanced Options link from the Flodesk Embed page.

Flodesk Form publish screen that allows users to choose which type of code they want to copy for their website platform.

On the next screen inside Flodesk select, “Get raw HTML code.” This code is what you’ll need to copy inside Flodesk to embed into your Showit website.

Flodesk Advanced Option to choose the type of html code to copy.

On the next screen under “Disable enhancements as needed” you’ll want to check the box to Disable JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language that allows websites to dynamically update content. You don’t have to worry about knowing what the code means. All you have to do is click the “Disable JavaScript” button and then the Continue button to get to the final screen where you can copy the embed code you’ll be pasting into Showit.

Flodesk disable enhancements as needed window with the option to disable JavaScript and/or CSS.

On this last window inside of Flodesk, you’ll click the large “Copy” button to copy the long string of html code from Flodesk to your clipboard. This code is much longer than the “short code” that you may have already tried pasting into Showit. This long string of HTML code is exactly what you’ll need to embed into Showit.

Flodesk window to copy HTML code for embedding on a website.

Finally, you’ll paste the copied html code into an embed code box inside of Showit and click on the Save button in the bottom right corner of the “Update Custom Code” box.

Sample of custom code copied out of Flodesk embedded into a Showit website template.

Don’t forget to adjust the size of the embed code box on both desktop and mobile. You’ll want to be certain that the entire Flodesk form is now visible within the Showit designer window.

In order to see your form live, you’ll need to publish your Showit site.

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How to Embed a Flodesk Form into Showit


June 8, 2021

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