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What's the investment?

Your One Week to Launch Online Bootcamp investment includes:

One (1) Bootcamp attendee spot with no more than four (4) other attendees in your session.

10+ hours of group instruction.

3+ hours of one-on-one help.

Printed Bootcamp Guide Book.

Access to the Education Suite.

Bootcamp Survival Kit full of fun surprises!

Investment: $1,800



One (1) britelime Showit template of your choice.

what is THE website bootcamp?

The jumpstart you need!

Whether you've designed every website your business has ever had, or you've never built a website before... the One Week to Launch website bootcamp is designed to be the jumpstart you need to get your Showit website built and launched in just one week (but no pressure - you can take longer if you need to)!

This isn't a "tech bootcamp" about learning Showit (you will have access to all the tools you need to learn Showit - I promise). This is a bootcamp that's going to help you to build a website that accurately conveys your brand, tells your story, invites your ideal customer into your brand and converts visitors to customers.

The One Week to Launch Website Bootcamp is designed to help you take your Showit website from a template to a truly custom site that will be an asset for your small business. 


what's the schedule?

One Week to Launch Online Bootcamp Schedule


Days One & Two | 9am - 3pm PST
Group Instruction with intermittent breaks throughout the day

Days Three - Five | One-on-One One Hour Zoom call with Liz each day


I have thoroughly enjoyed Liz and her teaching. I would recommend her for anyone that is wanting to build their own website and make it successful. 

- Julia Strnad | Strnad Land & Cattle

Liz really breaks down websites from both a content and technical side and gives you the tips and tricks to really make your site shine!

- Carrie Herzog | Barn Blooms


Whatever your prior web experience, Liz meets you where you are, helping you gain momentum and certainty along your path to a happy, healthy, thriving WEBSITE.

- Brandi | Savage Sublime & Co

liz takes Big subjects and breaks them down into doable bite sized pieces
to help me feel on top of my website.

- Rachel | Brown Dog Farm


Entrepreneurs who want to convert visitors to customers.

The One Week to Launch website bootcamp is for small business entrepreneurs who want to build their own custom Showit websites that convert visitors to customers. If your website isn't converting then you might be attracting the wrong audience, boring the right audience or confusing your ideal customer.  Part of building your own custom site includes the hard work of identifying who you are, what your business is really about and the best way to connect with your ideal customer when they get to your website.

During bootcamp I'll walk you through the process of telling the story of your small business and inviting your ideal customer to be part of your story. And friend, you won't be doing it alone. You'll meet and connect with other small business entrepreneurs going through bootcamp with you. (Bootcamp never has more than 5 attendees and me as your guide).
And friend, I'm not bragging, but I do consider myself a Showit expert. I was part of the team at Showit back in 2016 that launched the current version of this incredible website platform. I've logged thousands of hours over the years inside the Showit app building and growing Showit websites for myself and my clients.

If I was put on the spot to speak about a single topic for 30 minutes. 60 minutes or five hours... the one singular topic I know I could speak on with authority is the Showit website building platform.

I'd love to help you build a website that helps you build your small business!



my Showit website in a single week?
yes, you can!

Before your bootcamp starts you'll receive in the mail the One Week to Launch Guide Book. Inside the Guide Book you'll find the "Preparing for Bootcamp" section focused on gathering your brand assets and becoming familiar with the Showit designer. Completing this work ahead of bootcamp will give you a running start on building your new site. 

Bootcamp starts with two VERY full days. We begin at 9am PST and go until 3pm PST with intermittent breaks.  Just like me, you have lots of other things to do. You might have cows to feed, horses to ride, kids to homeschool, mouths to feed, babies to rock, oh yeah... and not to mention, you have your business to run. 

So on those first two days of bootcamp, you want to be sure that you can be available the entire time from 9am to 3pm PST.  The other days of the bootcamp are a lot more flexible, and since Sunday is The Lord's day, I'll be taking that day off and I recommend you do the same. Your mind and your body are built to have downtime. Remember friend, someone far wiser than me once said, "you can't pour out from an empty cup."

Outside of the 6 hours we'll spend on the first two days of bootcamp, the time investment you make is really up to you. A lot will depend on your timeline for launching your new Showit site. If you want to launch at the end of bootcamp, you'll need to set aside plenty of time to work on your site.

On the days we have one-on-one Zoom calls  you'll be able to choose from a variety of times on my calendar and find ones that work for you. Outside of those one-on-one Zoom calls, it really depends on how much time you want to invest. Some bootcamp attendees spend as little as two or as much as six hours a day working on their site the week of bootcamp. That part is entirely up to you.

There truly is no pressure for you to launch your site within one week... but I chose to call it the "One Week to Launch" bootcamp because for many of us when we have a task as big as building a new website we need to commit to a timeline and schedule out the time to focus on deep work.